• “Innovator” smart-sleep system. Smart bed “Innovator”

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    The main component of the “Innovator” smart sleep complex is the “Innovator” smart bed. This is the most high-tech part, which includes both mechanical mechanisms and electronic equipment with appropriate software.
    And as previously described in the “Innovator” smart blanket project, the mechanical mechanism of the smart bed with the help of magnets is capable of tightening and correcting the smart blanket. These are simple internal guides with magnetic tips that “attract” the ends of the blanket, in which the magnetic elements are located, and place the blanket in the desired position. The bed will also be made automatically. The smart bed has the ability to change its height and dimensions, again with the help of mechanical components. Of course, all this is managed by the user using a mobile application. Multi-colored lighting works according to the principle of room illumination – the lower the illumination, the higher the light emission. And vice versa.
    It is possible to mechanically change the angle of inclination of the elements of the smart bed, which is convenient both at home and in medical conditions. In some configurations, the bed is equipped with automatic air ionization and salt elements, which have a positive effect during sleep. One of the most important features is the built-in innovative device, which is currently being tested, which allows you to suppress surrounding noises. So the silence of sleep is ensured.
    The “Innovator” smart-sleep system is presented in full. Dear investors and crowdfunders – study and participate in the development of this project.
    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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