• “Innovator” smart-sleep system. Smart blanket “Innovator”

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    A few more elements are missing for a complete set of the “Innovator” smart-sleep system. The “INnovator” platform and the author of the original idea present to your investment attention the following element – the “INnovator” smart blanket.
    Each element of the INNOVATOR smart-sleep system has its own purpose. So the smart blanket is endowed with several smart capabilities.
    First of all, the smart blanket has a natural filler and inflatable elements in its internal structure. Inflatable elements can change the dimensions of the blanket, if necessary, both in thickness and in width and length. Compact and light compressors will not be noticeable to the user of this smart blanket.
    Secondly, the smart blanket has magnetic flexible elements in its structure that prevent the blanket from sliding off the bed during sleep, and not only that. The internal movable, magnetic mechanism in the smart bed, in automatic mode, can fix the blanket with the help of these same magnets.
    Thirdly, the smart blanket has flexible light elements that can change the color of the light emission depending on the programmed functions. Naturally, all these processes are controlled and programmed by the smart-son “INnovator” mobile application.
    Also, the blanket will have several smart functions – a built-in alarm clock, sensors that will determine the user’s body temperature and breathing rate.
    So, we have the next, but not the last, element of the INNOVATOR smart-sleep system for your investment review.
    The idea is open both for investment and for its full purchase.

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