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    Price USD: $3000

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
    The author of this idea offered to present his business project in the form of a center of social networks, of which more than a hundred already exist today. There are some similar startups, but the “Innovator” platform always presents only original and innovative projects that show high investment potential and development prospects. Of course, it is quite an ambitious project, but the idea is the most expensive product in the world. Having an idea, with the help of an appropriate resource, you can become a pioneer and get the desired result from this very idea. Well, now, we will present this author’s project, which deserves attention and investment support.
    So, the idea is to generate a resource in one place that will help its registered user get acquainted with a complete list of all social networks, their thematic directions, terms of use and some original functions, which we will describe below.
    Let’s move on to the original and innovative components of this “INnovator” social network. The first thing we will describe is that when registering this startup, the system has the ability to register a new user at once on all social networks that are in its full list, or selectively, when the corresponding new user is selected. This will be possible because this network will have its own common registration on all social networks, which will allow new users to be registered immediately and everywhere. By entering your login and code during new registration in social networks, this code and login will be saved and fully functional in all registration data of all social networks. That is, a new user will not have to go through registration on all social networks separately, since it can be done once on the basis of one social resource.
    The second thing that can be added is that when registering, it will be possible to specify the main interests and directions of activity of the new user. Then the functional system of the network of social networks will tell you which networks are best to leave in the list of future social resources to be used. At the end of the registration, all these social networks will remain on the central page of the new user, which, again, will simplify the entire process of using them.
    Also, with the time of using this startup, its system will give hints, evaluating the social resources that its new participant uses the most. Tips will contain information, which will include suggestions about new social resources that this user has not yet used, but they are generally lists and are similar in subject and meaning.
    The list of all resources will include the function of using mobile and stationary messengers, and other social projects that will always be updated and corrected.
    Let’s repeat, but it will be really convenient to have one resource and one registration data, but at the same time have access to all social networks and available mobile messengers.
    The idea is open both for investment and for its full purchase.

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