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    It is already standard when the “INnovator” platform presents innovative ideas of a mobile nature, which carry completely new directions of an entertaining and educational nature. New ideas open up new ways of commercial and individual approach to realizing further profitability of investment investments. And today, if you understand this idea, the innovative network of investments and ideas “INnovator” presents a new topic of mobile applications.

    The “INnovator” sound collection mobile application is an entertaining service for those who want to know at the end of the reporting period, which can be limited by a different time period ( hour, day, week, etc. ), all the sounds that sounded near the user during the set period of time . These sounds, if the appropriate setting in the program, can be set both in automatic and manual mode. When listening in automatic mode, the user receives a sound clip processed by this program. The program selects brighter sounds, compresses them and assembles a kind of musical melody from them. It will be quite interesting and exciting for the user to listen to the “report” of the time interval when the sound collection program performed its functions. In the continuation of the disclosure of the further work of this startup, it is necessary to describe a separate function of superimposing a video on a new melody. At the end of the processing, we receive a video clip about the elapsed time segment.
    You can manually select segments of recorded sounds in the recorded diagram and edit the melody yourself. The program will quickly help the user to do this. The same with the video overlay, which can be inserted on the saved melody.

    We will repeat ourselves a little when we describe the final result of the “INnovator” sound collection program – the user, in the selected time period, receives a melody edited in automatic or manual mode of his sound environment. Each such melody is saved under a separate file and under a specific date. It will always be nice to listen to your audio history of a certain period of time and remember bright moments in the form of a sound collection.


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