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    A very unusual name for an alarming mobile app. In fact, when you read the presentation, which will be described below, it will be clear that the functionality has a sufficient number of innovative components and the main direction goes to the humorous and playful theme. The INnovator platform recommends that investors pay attention to this startup, as it will be a serious competitor to similar projects.
    So, recently, a number of mobile programs have been launched, which in game form transform existing photos. These applications, in a playful and humorous way, distort and resize the face, turn a photo into a cartoon, etc. In this presentation of the Innovator virtual body replacement mobile application, there will be a different kind of transformation – the transfer of body parts from one photo to another.
    It works like this – on the gadget screen, the functionality of the program allows you to place a photo that the user will convert, and several more photos, with the help of which this conversion will take place. In manual mode, the user will mark the available body parts on the main photos that he wants to replace, and the program will select from other photos that were previously selected for this procedure and change them. For example, a user has selected a photo with their image to convert. Next, he selects a number of other photos from his gallery, from which he will take the necessary body parts. When all these photos appear on the screen, he notes, for example, the eyes. And the eyes change in the transformed photo. Next he chose the nose. Also, the nose was changed in the changed photo.
    When it has completely finished the conversion process, it saves it. But the name of this photo is created by the functionalist himself, based on all the photos that took part in it. Then, knowing those people who were in the photos and whose images participated in the transformation of the main photo, the user can jokingly send them a new photo obtained, indicating the parts of their body that are inserted there.
    In a simpler version, a user can simply select a number of contacts from their phone book that have pictures of them, specify the body parts they want to replace and start the conversion process. The resulting image can also be used in a humorous display or mailing.
    Summarizing the presentation of this author’s idea, we can say that a new kind of playful and humorous transformation of photo materials has emerged. It may be applicable in the first stage of its development for humans. A pet version will be available later.
    Maybe our presentation did not quite accurately reveal all the functionality. For a more accurate and more in-depth presentation, you can contact the “Innovator” platform and get the necessary information.

    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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