• Internet water “INnovator”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.

    The idea is that a completely new type of drink has been created – Internet water “INnovator”!
    The idea itself has a very wide range of development. This is, indeed, a completely new type of non-alcoholic beverages. In this question, there is both a general approach and an individual one. And the water, indeed, with the help of original technology, will be “charged” with the Internet. In the process of using this drink, the bottle itself plays not the least role. Of course, it serves as a container for the drink itself. But its second purpose will be that when the bottle is placed on a special stand that is connected via a cable or through other wireless types of communication to a PC or gadget, or to scan a barcode, then it (the bottle) provides all kinds of promotional prizes to the user – free applications and (or) games, monetary rewards, and much more. Accordingly, the more bottles a person buys, the more prizes he gets. Accordingly, the increase in sales of the product itself for the manufacturer of this product.

    Let’s return to the very composition of the bottle – Internet water “INNOVATOR”. Special technology allows you to “drop” the Internet into the water. Tastes will be common and individual. General tastes will be open for purchase in free access. Although they will also have both the usual taste of water and several other pleasant tastes. An individual taste is produced and delivered to the addressee after registration on a special site. When registering, specific, simple data of the future buyer is requested. A special and original formula calculates the taste and color of the drink for the respective buyer. The original number is assigned. After that, the buyer enters the number on the site in a special column and makes an order. The goods will be delivered as soon as possible, as production will be established all over the world and in every country.

    This idea passed our moderation, but its creator did not fully disclose this idea. Its conditions and prospects for the development of this direction will be discussed individually.

    The idea is open for partial redemption and investment.

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