• Karaoke duel “INNOVATOR”

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    The popularity of karaoke has recently skyrocketed. And these positive moments can be developed more globally, which will be presented below
    This original idea of the start-up karaoke duel “INnovator” consists in the fact that in the online mode there is an opportunity to hold karaoke tournaments, the participants of which can participate from different parts of our planet. One participant puts out a request to participate in karaoke with his song and waits for a response to start the competition. And so these participants can be joined by countless participants, who in the song contest the program determines the best. Such tournaments end with an award and the title of the winner in the performance of the corresponding song. Participation lasts quarterly, and at the end of the quarter the winner is determined. Accordingly, at the end of the year, a final count of all points is made and the results are summarized. The best karaoke performer will be nominated in various projects and awarded a substantial prize.
    The startup also has a number of innovative innovations:
    1) There is a service for bets in virtual karaoke money – CARD. Anyone who has previously topped up their account on the INnovator karaoke-duel site can place a bet on you. The winnings can be received in each country according to the relevant legislation.
    2) Held meetings of tournament participants and realization of joint song projects.
    3) As additional prize bonuses – a meeting with real performers of songs sung by participants in karaoke duels.
    And many other things that allow the participants of this kind of competition to get closer and test their singing skills.
    The idea is open both for investment and for its full purchase.

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