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    In this presentation, the already well-known and popular author’s idea of spray products is combined with the second author’s idea “BabyIN”. All young parents know how it is to teach their children to feed their children at an early age. This is quite time-consuming and nervous work. Babies tend to soil themselves and the people who feed them, and may end up not being fed. “BabyIN” children’s spray puree has an innovation and an innovative approach to simplifying this difficult process, which will be described in detail below.

    So, any composition of baby food (fruit, meat, vegetable, milk puree; milk porridges and mixtures), which is certified according to current international standards, can be placed in an aerosol spray can. The foamy mixture that will come out through the nozzle of this spray can will be quite pleasant for use by children of any age. It will be very convenient to feed the baby with the help of this innovative technology, because at the end of the nozzle of the spray can there will be a nozzle that can be inserted into the baby’s mouth during feeding. A special portion adapter inside this nozzle is used for the portioned dispensing of foamy baby puree or porridge. That is, no matter how you press and with what force on the spray head, when you press it once, a certain permissible amount of baby food will come out of the nozzle. How many clicks, how many portions will come out. This technology will be very convenient to use, since the person who is feeding will always understand the automatic portion control of the delivery of baby food.

    That is, in the proposed “BabyIN” spray-puree technology, such a necessary and indispensable accessory as a spoon is completely absent! The person feeding the baby simply puts the nozzle in the baby’s mouth and presses the spray can onto the baby’s head. A portion of the correct volume and weight will easily enter the baby’s mouth, thereby simplifying this difficult process of feeding small children. And everything around will be clean and calm. It will also be convenient to take food aerosol cans with you on the road or in nature. Or just to use them on ordinary walks.

    So, when applying this technology in its broadest sense, it is possible to replace the entire feeding process with the help of spray products. The difficult process of baby feeding will become simple and accessible to everyone. It will be clean around. You don’t need to learn this new process, because the very simple idea of ​​the innovative spray can allows you to control the amount of children’s aerosol mass that is issued. And the scope of application increases many times.

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