• Line of spray products “Innovator”. Spray mayonnaise “Innovator”, spray ketchup “Innovator”, spray mustard “Innovator”

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    The ideas of implementing spray products into a full-fledged life continue their development. This publication presents the author’s ideas for products that, in their original form, entered our everyday life many years ago. We cannot imagine having meals and preparing food without some of them.

    Introducing “Innovator” spray mayonnaise, “Innovator” spray ketchup or spray sauces and “Innovator” spray mustard. Let’s start in order:
    1). Spray mayonnaise in its structure has a foamy mayonnaise composition, which corresponds to the original taste composition, which is placed in a can under standard pressure and the principle of use is the same as in ordinary aerosol cans. When coming out of the can, spray mayonnaise can be very easily used in any kind of culinary direction. The use of this product will be very convenient and original.
    2). Spray ketchup and all kinds of spray sauces work according to the principle of spray mayonnaise, only they have a larger range of taste characteristics. We also observe ease of use both at home and on holiday, as well as during active recreation or travel.
    3). Spray mustard has the same working characteristics, except for taste.
    In summing up this author’s idea, we can say that very soon there will be completely different packaging containers on our tables, which will make it easier for us to use the products in them.

    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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