• Line of spray products “Innovator”. Spray salt “Innovator”, spray sugar “Innovator”, spray spices “Innovator”

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    Continuing the development of the idea of the INNOVATOR line of spray products, we present the INNOVATOR loose spray salt, sugar spray, and INNOVATOR spray seasoning products in one description.
    One of the priorities for the presentation of ideas to investors by the Internet platform “INnovator” is to simplify the use of simple things that surround us and create completely new, previously unused innovations. This idea uses the approach of simplifying the use of food products that we use almost every day.
    “INNOVATOR” salt spray, having a salt foam composition in its structure, comes out of the can under pressure, by means of mechanical pressure on the sprayer. We are constantly afraid that when the salt has spilled, when we oversalt ready-made products, the salt can accumulate moisture and form fossils if it is not stored properly. In the presented idea, all this can be avoided, or more precisely, it is practically impossible to allow the troubles described above. The saturation of the foamy composition of the spray salt will be indicated on the can, and the capacity will vary from the smallest to the maximum. It is also very convenient to use for hiking, traveling, etc.
    Spray sugar “INNOVATOR” has almost identical applicable characteristics as spray salt. Only spray sugar can be added characteristic of the color range, which can be used in confectionery production.
    Spray seasonings have a wide range of ingredients that we use in regular packaging. Applicable properties are the same as in spray salt and spray sugar. Of course, the seasonings that will be placed in the spray cans have a crushed and mixed composition. Larger seasonings, such as whole peppercorns or whole bay leaves, will be modularly attached to the spray cans as individual ingredients.
    That is, a new idea was very briefly described, which will soon take place in global use all over the world.
    Ideas are open for both investment and full redemption.

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