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    Sometimes quite ambitious and unusual ideas come before the administration of ideas, which entail the same ambiguous conclusions. One of these will now be prescribed.
    The idea is that the marketing model of a mixed combination of “INnovator” makes clear a new, more interesting approach to the organization of trade and recreation, family leisure and business communication. We have already encountered combinations of this kind in our lives, but this model, which includes more than one hundred combinations, shows it more deeply and widely.
    To understand as quickly as possible, let’s give some examples. For example, a combination of a perfumery and cosmetics boutique with a cafe. That is, the visitor of this institution combines two pleasures in one institution – buying perfumery and cosmetics and goods sold in the cafe. The service staff of such establishments carries a menu that lists all the products that are on sale. And, accordingly, brings to the client all his orders, starting with perfumery and ending with ready-made food.
    Next, a combination of a cinema and a swimming pool. Here you can already imagine how the process of combining watching a movie will harmonize with a visit to the pool.
    Next, combining business negotiations with a visit to a beauty salon, where negotiators can make business decisions, combining them with an environment of peace and beauty.
    Next, a combination of dental services with a trip to the opera house.
    As already mentioned, the author of this idea has more than one hundred already patented marketing models of mixed combinations, which allows you to enter the market of goods and services with them, applying a global character.

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