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    This startup is a component of the unique business model “Innovator”!

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    Now, at the end of the presentation of the topic of work in the media direction of the unique business model “INnovator”, in this material, the author’s idea directly of the investment network of investments and ideas “INnovator” is put on display, the main media body – the “INnovator” media block. The “INnovator” media block will have a significant number of innovative innovations, which will be described below.
    Thus, referring to the work and broadcasting of the crowdfunding smart radio and television crowdfunding channel “INnovator”, the media block, as the main media body, will determine the main strategy for the development of this direction and control the entire speech process of the above-mentioned media structures. But this is standard work that cannot be done without. But, of course, within the framework of the work of the entire structure of the INnovator business model, the entire organizational structure of the presented media block cannot do without corporate style and innovative components.
    Media block “INnovator” is primarily, mostly, a virtual organized body of innovators and inventors, which has a constant quantitative composition and is voluntary in terms of membership. This composition “passes” all organizational work through itself and prepares the corresponding proposals for approval by the head of this media block, who is a real official. Also, their authority will include the preparation of decisions regarding those projects that, in their opinion, are promising for investment. Both their numerical collegial composition and the head of the media block can exclude and admit new members to the virtual self-organized body of innovators and inventors upon a corresponding request or submission.
    Secondly, and most importantly, the media block is an integral part of the unique INnovator business model, which has a fairly innovative structure and can very quickly allow the author of a project or idea that, in the opinion of the body of innovators and inventors, has real growth prospects and development, get the appropriate resource based on investment or crowdfunding. Or their complete redemption.
    That is, this entire process of work of a unique business model, and as part of its entire media block, is designed only to provide real chances to all innovators and inventors, by the way, at the initial free stage, for the presentation, promotion and implementation of their projects. And investors who have a certain resource should be given the opportunity to develop innovative projects based on partnerships or crowdfunding.

    This idea is open for investment only.

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