• Mobile application for automatic writing of books and autobiographies “Innovator”

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    The author of this original idea submitted an application to the “Innovator” platform, as he believes that it is innovative and the only one of its kind. Moderation fully supports him and presents this project in the form of a presentation, the description of which will be written below.
    So, this mobile application for automatic writing of books and autobiographies “INnovator” will have two modes – writing an autobiography or personal memoirs, and writing a book, which will have a number of innovative features in its main functionality, which are primarily aimed at evaluating life of the user with the subsequent illumination of it in his virtual records, which in the end will lead to a written autobiography, or maybe even personal memoirs. Secondly, the user will be able to read the text of his future book without breaking away from his daily life, using his voice, which, accordingly, will lead to the written book in voice mode.
    Many people probably dream of writing their memoirs. But they cannot always realize their goal due to lack of time, and then lack of desire. The capabilities of this mobile application will include both voice and print capabilities of everyday and controlled, from the functional side of this application, description of all life situations. The control will consist in the fact that the application will remind its user about the need for the next text or voice essay. After receiving the text information, the functionality of the application verifies it, formats it and links it to the main text folder. So, from one text essay to the next, a full-fledged autobiography will appear, and maybe even personal or family memoirs. That is, they will be formed over a long time, smoothly and monotonously, without distracting their controlled users from their main occupation.
    The writing of books will also take place in any comfortable environment for its users, without distracting them from necessary tasks. In this task for this mobile application, the task of helping to write a book is more complicated. Since at the beginning of writing and forming a book, the functionality not only controls the frequency of readings or writing essays, but also gives hints to its user all the time. At the end of writing the book, the application will create and format the future book, select a cover for it, and, at the request of the user, will present it on available Internet resources. That is, a book written by voice will appear, automatically formatted with the possibility of presentation.
    Also, the application itself will play the role of a new Internet platform, where books will be placed in a new format (in electronic form) and with the opportunity to buy and read them (also in electronic form). Autobiographies or family and personal memoirs can be passed down as a family heirloom from generation to generation, where the future generation will be able to learn more about their ancestors with the help of this Internet resource.
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