• Mobile application for virtual distribution of contact data “Innovator”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    At first glance, the name of this author’s idea is quite unusual and unclear, but the moderation of the “Innovator” platform in the presentation that will be provided below will reveal the entire main functionality of the idea. It can be said at the beginning of the description that it is quite an investment and attractive idea and has a high chance of becoming very popular among users of mobile and stationary gadgets and devices.
    So, the “Innovator” mobile application for virtual distribution of contact data is a fairly simple and clear functional service. Now there will be a separate button in the photo rating list, or in the button field next to the emoticons and the alphanumeric panel, which contains the user’s contact information. That is, when a new user downloads this program, enters his contact data in the form of a phone number and (or) an e-mail address, a new button with contact information about the owner of this gadget is automatically placed on his touch panel. And then, by pressing one button, the user can send all his contact information both in an e-mail and in a regular message. You can also send your contact information next to the emoticons when rating a particular photo. A person who, along with the evaluations of his photo, received contact data from someone, simply understands that he can use this information and contact the user who sent him his contact data. This function can be used by already existing social networks and messengers under the terms of partnership.
    But the main functional tool of this program will be a virtual mailing of the user’s contact data. How it will happen – a new user upon registration (in the settings) gives the right to the program to send his contact data from various methodological components. It is also important that this service is linked to the profiles and accounts of this user in social networks and messengers, what he uses and where he is registered. For example, having a profile on any social network, this mobile application looks for similar contact details of its user with other users on that social network and sends them to them. The user who received such a message in the form of contact data will be happy to open it for evaluation and appropriate actions – reject it or use it for acquaintance. It is also possible to further distribute these received contact data from your circle of communication to increase it.
    So now contact data has its own functional control button, which is separate and independent of the gadget or operating system. They are now always composed and ready to send. They are also now partially a photo rating feature.

    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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