• Mobile application of gender priority “INNOVATOR”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
    This idea refers to a global approach in its implementation, as the mobile application of gender priority “Innovator” will provide a service for distinguishing male and female gender in the use of smart devices. The functionality of the innovative application will adjust the operation of any smart device to the gender priority of the user, which will be described below.
    So, the mobile application of gender priority itself works quite simply. It is recommended to install it on all existing operating systems, since when new users start working and the organization of use by existing users, the functionality of the application will offer to use it first. This will all happen like this – when installing this application in manual mode for existing users, only one question will be asked as a function – Are you a man or a woman? When you answer such a simple question, the application adjusts the entire existing standard firmware of the operating system of any gadget or smart device in accordance with the selected gender priority. That is, the appropriate color scheme, sound effects and specific mobile applications will be selected for the male gender. For example, applications related to fishing, hunting or automobile topics. For the female gender, there will also be a corresponding thematic configuration of the functionality of the mobile application.
    For new users of existing operating systems, the author of this innovative idea suggests asking, by default, the gender of the new user upon first registration.
    Filling out the INnovator gender priority application will be standard for both men and women. Naturally, the user is given a full choice of changing all existing standard settings. Also, as an additional function, in the settings you can also enable an additional function – children’s. This function will make it easier for parents to use their children’s gadget. The functionality of the application with such settings will track unnecessary and unacceptable age-related actions of children, and accordingly, block them at the stage of initial use. Also, all such incorrect actions will be in the form of reports, sent to parents in the form of SMS or letters to e-mail. The task for the children’s functionality can also be corrected.
    So, in this mobile application, we will have the opportunity to learn how to use it quite simply, but in the end, we will get a complete and acceptable result of use, referring to our gender status – that is, men will be provided with a male functional menu, and women, accordingly, a female one. Our children will also remain under our strict parental control.
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