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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    A rather unusual functionality of a mobile application, which was proposed by a user of the “Innovator” platform in his author’s idea. The main direction in which users will work with the help of the mobile application of virtual gifts “INnovator” will be to enable users to give virtual gifts, the basis of which will be mobile applications, thematic platforms and sites. A rather unusual work algorithm will allow you to quickly and effectively solve the issue of choosing such an individual and non-standard gift, which will be described below.
    So, very often we are faced with the task of choosing a gift for a person for their appropriate event, based on their interests or professional occupation. We think about what he already has and what he doesn’t have, and based on that we make our choice. The author of the idea proposes to stop at one thematic choice of a gift, but with a different thematic basis. A gift in the form of a virtual component, namely a thematic site or platform, will be quite individual and will correspond to today’s standard of living. The presence of Internet platforms and sites that can be put up for sale will be collected to the database of this startup.

    A user looking for a virtual gift enters the mobile application and selects it from several directions. The first is when the date of birth, surname and name of the person to be congratulated is entered into the search engine of the central page of the program. The functionality of monitoring data about this person on the Internet, and if it finds something for him, it begins to evaluate his interests and professional employment. Based on the evaluation, the requested user looking for such a virtual gift will be automatically presented with the following list of valid options that match the culprit of the celebrations.

    It will also be possible to manually search for such gifts and stop your choice on the options you like. When the choice is made and the payment for it is made, the application program will ask for some basic information about the person to whom this gift is intended. This is necessary for the official registration of ownership of the Internet resource. It will be possible to print a gift certificate, or perhaps simply send by e-mail all the necessary documents that speak about the right of ownership and management codes for this Internet product.
    That is, a person receives a virtual gift in the form of an Internet resource that will meet their life and professional interests as much as possible. Given that the sites are different in complexity and content, respectively, and their cost will be different. Drawing conclusions, we can say that this startup organizes and adjusts the work of finding, designing and promoting an Internet product that becomes a full-fledged gift item.

    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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