• Mobile application of word account “INNOVATOR”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
    In the author’s idea of the innovative mobile application of the verbal account, the main goal of the work of this startup is disclosed in the name itself. The function will be the counting of letters, words and word combinations for a separately taken period, which will be set in advance by the user. Below, all the features of the INNOVATOR word account mobile application will be described in more detail.
    So, the work of this startup is similar to a mobile application for counting the number of steps for a particular period. There will be a count of all the word sounds that the user utters. At the end of the reporting period, for example, one day, he can see the total number of letters spoken by the user in the form of the alphabet, word combinations, in the form of a table in the summary table. By the way, the user will also see the number of similar word combinations, which will be useful for his internal analysis. For example, to calculate parasitic words or word-combined parasites. It doesn’t sound quite correct, but the functionality of this startup will be red, it will display swear words          ( mats ), which will also be a kind of instructive analysis for this user. Also, at the end of the reporting period, there will be summarized data in the form of a table about spoken sentences, which will again serve as an analysis for this user.
    When downloading this mobile application and when registering a new user in it, there will be a clear recording of his spoken language for further recognition and determination of the verbal expressions of this same user. Other verbal expressions as part of a dialogue with another person, accordingly, will not be taken for personally analyzed report analysis. It is possible to simply record all conversations, if you have enabled such a function in advance, for internal control of the verbal conversations of all people around you near your gadget.
    So, the user will now be able to see and analyze his entire spoken speech, which will serve as an analysis and future correction of his verbal expressions. The functionality of the mobile application of the verbal account will also, for the ease of analysis by the user, give its recommendations about the current verbal analysis with errors and about future correct and corrected verbal expressions. All this can allow to level and raise to a higher level the conversational speech of the corresponding registered user with the help of personal and automatic analysis of the mobile application of the verbal account “INnovator”. Also in manual mode, at the individual request of the user, the startup will be able to correct individual requests of verbal expressions that he will set.
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