• Mobile application “Smart Color”

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    An innovative mobile application, which in its functionality has a special application of the palette for any type of gadget, the setting of which and further use will be purely in an individual style, but using an automatic work algorithm. It is these functions that will be implemented and used by the innovative mobile application “Smart Color”.

    So, in fact, this author’s idea is very simple in its functional use, but quite voluminous in providing the results of its work. This consists in covering all running programs and programs that are functioning in the respective user’s gadget at the time the Smart Color program is launched. So, when the program appears in the gadget in the form of a program, only two functional questions arise – what color or range of colors the user likes, and whether it is necessary to apply them. When a color or color is selected and consent is given for its use, then all fields of applications and programs that function in the gadget acquire the selected color or gamut of colors. That is, it will not be necessary to search among hundreds of programs of such thematic purpose or themes for screensavers on the gadget, but mostly to use this innovative program, which will give its user the opportunity to make an individual choice.

    The program can automatically change the color theme. It can be linked as a photo gallery located in the user’s gadget to the weather or time of day or season. The most innovative color theme will be tied to the emotional state of its user. The user will be able to periodically adjust his emotional state in this application, and it will be possible to set the automatic adjustment of this service. The application in this mode will evaluate its user according to his manners and gestures, voice intonation and time spent using the gadget. All these factors will affect the color gamut of the gadget – the more negative a person is, the more the entire color gamut will change, for example, to a bright red color. If a person is in a positive mood, which will be determined based on the intonation of his voice and the sharpness of his movements, then the color will change to calmer colors, for example, green or blue. The author proposes to use a new technology of artificial intelligence, the application of which will solve the tasks very quickly and clearly. In any period of time, it will be possible to view even the graph of the emotional state of the user who uses this application.
    That is, this innovative application “Smart Color” simplifies the individual choice of color appearance in the use of gadgets of any kind, and also serves as an indicator that shows the emotional state of its user based on color.

    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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