• Municipal control system “Innovator”. Video traffic light “Innovator”

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    The idea is to combine the functions of the traffic light and video surveillance on the roads in one device.
    Video traffic light “Innovator” part of the municipal monitoring system “Innovator”, and performing their direct functions. They concluded that video cameras with a swivel feature built into the traffic light, and when light up a particular color of the traffic light, a special program of the traffic light that matches the color of the video recording. Put simply, when the participant of traffic if you enabled a signal of the traffic light violates it, then the camera inside the traffic light captures the intruder, and transmits the data to the dispatcher service of “Innovator”. Further, according to the procedure of work of dispatching service, the signal about the violation and recorded data of the intruder are sent to the relevant regulatory authorities. Videos better will allow controlling and the whole situation at major junctions of urban and regional roads, regardless of their core functions of regulation of movement. That is, we have a convenient and effective control device of the road control of the environment around him, which works in the municipal monitoring system “Innovator” and combines several functions. Increases the durability of the cameras because of their built-in host inside of the traffic light. They are also much more compact than previously used cameras to record this assignment.

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