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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    Moderation of the “INnovator” platform during the analysis of the author’s idea of a personal compatibility mobile application encountered a completely new and, at first glance, not entirely understandable process in the organization of interpersonal relations. But during the study, it became clear that the topic of this idea is completely innovative and has great chances for success and global popularization. The basic content and functionality of this startup will be outlined below.
    So, the personal compatibility mobile application “Innovator” can work and perform its functions both separately and in existing social resources and messengers. The main purpose of this application’s functionality is to provide an accurate and personalized assessment of users before they express a desire to enter into a friendly relationship. That is, for example, when a user of any social resource or messenger receives a request to add someone as a friend, the application system independently evaluates it very carefully, recommends to him about further actions – to accept it or not. Also, in the settings, there is an opportunity to set this process completely automatically, when the user does not participate in it, only sees the results of the system. Friends are selected by the functionality based on those criteria that are most acceptable for the user of this program. Also, the application can independently not only make decisions based on requests, but it will also search for people based on personal compatibility on all social resources and messengers. If already existing friends have unacceptable factors for this user, then the system makes a decision regarding the recommendation to exclude him from the list of friends, or excludes him on his own. That is, this startup helps its user in the control and selection of acceptable contacts, which simplifies personal efforts to select candidates for friends, monitors the communication process of these users, and if it sees unacceptable actions, then the process of excluding them begins.
    The most important thing is that the author of the idea proposes to use this functionality in all existing resources. This program will be installed on all social networks and messengers by default. It can also be customized and used both in personal social communication and corporate communication. In the corporate version, the system will clearly monitor the permissible norms of official acquaintance and communication.
    This service will allow all users to meet and communicate only with those people who are most suitable for each other according to many vector parameters.
    The application will be able to use the concept of personal compatibility as the formation of contact data. It will be able to select a lot of life criteria according to the character and requirements of its user. For example, the style of clothing and shoes; taste priorities when ordering dishes in establishments, etc. The main thing is to specify the task of the application, and it will help its user in many situations.


    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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