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     The idea of creating a political party “Innovator” has a deep meaning than just a standard political party project.
    The main priority of the party movement is not in the promises of a certain candidate and all parties in General that I ( we ) will do for their constituents all the best, and that the voters themselves preparing the programme of action for the next parliamentary term the candidate. Any applicant, who has studied the program of a particular district, may join the political party “Innovator”, subject to the standard procedures in accordance with the current legislation, for the implementation of the tasks. That is, the formation of the list of candidates the political party runs after the new candidates have expressed a desire and have the ability to fulfill the requirements of a particular district. And candidates in accordance with a party component, are called candidates-innovators, and later, when their election, the MPs and the innovators. The innovative component is that the candidate be not Dating or on the recommendation of, and with the personal desire and the necessary capabilities. Of course, the reneging on its promises, the elected Deputy is leaving her district.
    The idea is only the principle of partnership and party cooperation.

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