• Road and pavement covering “INNOVATOR”

    SN: SU11122023663

    Price USD: $1100

    The idea is that the road and pavement surface, with the help of the introduction of appropriate components into the construction materials, can change their color depending on the time of year, time of day and/or possible precipitation.
    How it will work:
    1) The color of the road and pavement surface will change depending on the season to ensure the safety and comfort of both cars and pedestrians. In the summer, the coating will acquire a light tone, even white, to attract less heat, and in the winter, respectively, dark or black.
    2) In the composition of building materials for road and sidewalk covering, if necessary or necessary, a component will be placed that will allow a light flux to be emitted in the dark, which will work on the covering for traffic safety in the necessary places (road edge, curb stone , markings, pedestrian crossing, etc.).
    3) We all know that during precipitation in the form of rain, road and pavement surfaces begin to reflect the sun’s glare, which affects traffic safety. Accordingly, when the color changes, these reflections will reduce their emission, and may even disappear altogether.
    The idea is open both for investment and for its full purchase.

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