• Scientists have explained how life on Earth originated

    NASA researchers are sure that life on our planet originated thanks to fallen meteorites, replyua.net informs. An account of the origin of life on Earth was published in one of the scientific publications, and scientists note that together with the fallen meteorites, organic compounds came to the surface of the planet, which became the beginning of a long evolutionary chain that continues for millions of years on Earth.

    According to experts, organic compounds fell to Earth together with Chondrite meteorites. Scientists emphasized that it is these meteorites that explain many processes occurring on the planet millions of years ago. In addition, NASA experts claim that with the help of their new research, they found out that water and asteroids, which are considered the precursors of carbonaceous chondrites, existed long before the appearance of the Earth – approximately 50 million years ago.

    Upon reaching various planets, asteroids “fertilized” complex organic molecules, which can be safely called “ancestors of mankind.” According to scientists, even amino acids can be born on asteroids, which are furrowing the space.