• Sensor car glass “INNOVATOR”

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    In today’s prototypes of future cars, we already expect a fully automated management and maintenance process. A complete replacement of the entire interface of future cars is also expected. But, of course, this is still a matter of several years, or maybe tens of years. In the author’s idea of a touch-sensitive car glass, we will get a little closer to the operation of future smart devices that will be serially used in the near future.

    Sensor car glass “INNOVATOR” are flexible touch panels, both transparent and non-transparent, of standard sizes for certain car models, which can display controlled information, thereby not interfering with the driving of the car, both for the driver of this car and for other road users. . Information can be both an advertising basis and a technical component. For example, automatic darkening of the touch glass, a fingerprint sensor, which will simplify the opening of the car itself and increase the probability of safety from car thieves. It will be much easier for taxi service vehicles to provide information about the service’s corporate contacts and their employment status. The emergency and emergency services, when leaving, the touch-sensitive car glass will help to quickly convey information to people about the progress of emergency situations. And much more that the technology of flexible touch panels can afford in terms of their intended use. Without the clear sensor car windows will go down and up like normal windows, and will serve as secondary car windows that can be used as needed. Management of the operation of these smart devices will produce both the interface of the car itself and the mobile application of the same name.
    There will be a simpler and cheaper way to use this technology – overlay sensor car glass. They can be attached to the car door from the back side. They will perform the same functions and be controlled in the same way, only in a simpler design.
    That is, we have today’s use of future technologies, which will simplify some of the processes outlined above and introduce a new fashion trend in their execution.


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