• Sensory flower pot “Innovator”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    As already included in the mandatory procedure, the INnovator platform warns that similar projects already exist. But, of course, in the presentations of author’s ideas on the platform of the innovative network of investments and ideas, there are innovative components that emphasize the individuality and novelty of the presented projects.

    Today’s presentation will feature a sensory flower pot, which will have an informative and entertaining component in its main function.
    So, the sensor flower pot “INNOVATOR” will be a pot of any shape, on the back sides of which there will be sensor panels, which will perform a number of functions. First of all, it should be said that the center of all management will be the mobile application. All sensor flower pots that will appear in residential or industrial premises, according to the registration numbers that will be on all such pots, will be associated with a gadget with a downloaded mobile application, when these numbers are entered in the registration field of the program. That is, the user will see all such flower pots on his gadget in terms of their number and location.
    Next, the user can monitor the surrounding environment around the sensor flower pot, as it will also have a built-in video camera. And everything that happens around this device can be recorded or watched online. Also, it will be possible to display any information on the touch panel of this pot, starting with changing the color of the touch panels, ending with displaying any information from your gadget. Broadcasting of information with sound effects will be possible through built-in speakers. It will be very convenient to place such sensor pots in places where it is necessary to broadcast a video stream or simply show slides of an advertising direction. A rather original combination of live beauty and advertising business.

    There are different expert opinions that the growth of live plants and flowers is influenced by musical accompaniment. Users of these devices can now organize this procedure for their living indoor plants and flowers, and monitor their condition and growth in real time, even at a remote distance.

    Also, the already implemented technology for monitoring the condition of a living plant in this pot will be available and expanded due to the fact that informativeness will increase due to sensory external panels and sound effects, which will show the functionality of these decorative smart devices. Another innovative component will be implemented due to the mechanical mobility of sensory flower pots. Following a pre-specified trajectory, these devices can move along it, thereby increasing their ability to increase the attention of people around them and increasing their marketing appeal. Mechanical mobility will be implemented with the help of a stable arrangement of wheels based on the “Innovator” sensory pot.
    Charging can be carried out in a standard way or with the help of new wireless charging technology.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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