• Series of bodily the local spinners “Innovator” or BLS “Innovator”

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    The author of this original idea decided to extend the functional and gaming possibilities so popular in our time spinner. The following features will expand all of the existing capabilities of the device and to increase the number of users and the range of its use. Mechanical features will be added and interactive, and will be described below.

    Now, a series of bodily local spinners “Innovator” will include a number of original mechanical devices and functional application which will be similar to the conventional spinner. That is, will apply rotational and circular mechanical movement of the device. And that’s the only similarity with existing spinners.

    Bodily local spinners or BLS will dress in different parts of the body and secured with appropriate clamps. That is, for example, BLS can be worn on any part of the hands. Then the user will be able to quietly and conveniently rotate the petals frame this body and the spinner around its axis, which will be dressed on the arm. This BLS will be dressed on the one hand, and second hand you can make the standard applicable functional motion. Accordingly, a series of BLS will consist of several types, the task of which is the ability to wear them on different parts of the body, including the neck, arms, legs. The petals can be of various shapes and sizes. Also, additional features will be provided and the original mount that will allow mounting of BLS under different angle and in different environments, including mounting on clothing or shoes.

    This idea is also already present an interactive component, the use of data, corporal local spinners. That is, first and foremost, BLS will be a mandatory condition for the possibility of electric charging. This is necessary for proper functioning of BSL that would include the possibility of led lighting, the possibility of sound effects with a miniature speaker that changes speed and performing a rotation of the petals of BLS using built-in miniature electric motor. Accordingly, the composition of this device will be the battery elements for implementing the above presented interactive features.

    And of course, all these interactive processes will be monitored and adjusted eponymous mobile app that allows you to enable its users all these innovative features of this innovative product.


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