• Smart armband “Innovator”

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    The idea is that the ordinary armband, which we used both in childhood in labor and drawing lessons, and later in life in various situations regarding its functional application, is transformed into a smart application with the help of modern technologies.
    The “INnovator” smart armband, the length of which is from the wrist to the elbow joint, has a fairly large number of functional purposes and configurations in its structure, which is used both in everyday life, during recreation, sports, and even for medical purposes.
    In the simplest configuration, it has pockets in which you can place mobile and music devices, hygiene products, a flashlight, stationery, etc. Also, in this configuration, it has a moisture-resistant and shock-resistant watch, with the possibility of replacing them at will. Of course, given its main smart functions, it has the ability to pair a mobile device with a special application that you use. This will be needed, for example, to work in GPS-navigation programs or to talk on a speakerphone. Of course, the smart armband will have a built-in speaker. Further, developing the theme of additional equipment, it can have built-in protection devices, video cameras, blood pressure, pulse and body temperature meters, data that is transmitted to your gadget for constant monitoring of these data, ambient temperature, humidity and much more. Very convenient for athletes, such as cyclists or motorcyclists, also for medical purposes for constant monitoring by doctors of their patients. Flexible screens, which quickly enter our lives with you, can be built in to display the necessary information. That is, complete sets have an almost unlimited number of options.
    Application is possible under any weather conditions and even when made from special materials for use under water. It is attached to the hand with the help of Velcro or fasteners, with the possibility of attaching it to clothes. Various colors and sizes are available.
    After everything described above, we have an easy-to-use and quite functional device that can enter the life of any person and become a permanent attribute in all his actions.


    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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