• Smart braces “Innovator”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    In the description of the author’s idea of an innovative smart device – smart braces “INnovator”, there will be a sufficient number of functions that will combine them with other devices, and thereby simplify the use of these gadgets. Moderation and platform analysts, using their experience, are convinced of the prospects of marketing growth and popularization of this product. No one even imagined that so many functions could be packed into some ordinary suspenders that people use from time to time. Now the cases of using smart suspenders will increase many times.
    So, we will divide the functionality of “Innovator” smart suspenders into two parts – mechanical and smart. As a standard condition for the operation of a smart device, the fact that all management and control processes will be handled by the mobile application of the same name.
    The smart capabilities of this innovative device can be very extensive. Let’s start with the fact that the frontal plane of smart braces will have a partially or completely sensory base. That is, with the application of flexible touch screen technology, it will be possible to output information of any content from the user’s gadget on the touch face plane of smart braces. Also using this function, the color and light flow of the front part of the device will change, which will also be set and adjusted using the mobile application. Speakers and a microphone will be installed in the upper part of the smart braces, which will allow them to be used for receiving and transmitting phone calls. Or listen to a music stream within acceptable technical capabilities. Various sensors that can be installed in smart suspenders can be additionally equipped at the request of the consumer. For example, pulse or body temperature sensors, a user’s alcohol level sensor. The vibration module will allow you to fulfill its technical characteristics, based on the example of its operation in a regular gadget.
    Mechanical capabilities will primarily include massage functions. The width of the rubber band, which will perform the usual and one of the main functions of suspenders, will be increased. This is necessary to increase the area adjacent to the user’s body, which will significantly affect the quality of the massage function. Types of massage functioning will be available in the menu of the mobile application. Also, smart braces can be inflated with the help of special miniature built-in cameras to acceptable aesthetic sizes, which will affect ease of use, as they will comfortably fit the body. The heating function can be set separately. An innovative new function will be able to automatically tighten the elastic bands of these smart suspenders.
    The flexible battery unit can be placed at the back so that its presence does not reflect on the visual parameters of this smart product. Charging will take place in a standard way or with the help of new wireless technology. It will also be connected to the user’s gadget in the existing standard ways.
    These are far from all the functions that can be applied in smart braces. All of them will be available under partnership or investment terms. Or by completely buying this idea.

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