• Smart comb “INNOVATOR”

    SN: SU12122023664

    Price USD: $1500

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
    The name in the form of “smart comb” is already in use. The “INnovator” platform and the author of this idea presents its author’s project of the “INnovator” smart comb.
    The “Innovator” smart comb will already have the well-known hair straightening and ionization functions in its capabilities. There will also be illumination during use of this smart device, which will be convenient in poorly lit rooms. All these functions will be applicable mainly for “massage brush” type combs. But these are not the main features of the INNOVATOR smart comb.
    The back side of the “Innovator” smart comb, in the version of a massage brush, will be equipped with a touch panel. All the management of the functional capabilities that were prescribed above will be done precisely on this touch panel. But this smart comb can also be a smart device that will perform some of the functions of a gadget – receiving and processing SMS messages, viewing photos and video content, working on social networks, and much more that, for example, a smart watch can do. That is, the user of this device can be and work on the Internet as needed, without breaking away from the beauty guidance process. Control and adjustment of the “INnovator” smart comb will be made by a special mobile application of the same name, which will have a free download and use basis. It will be especially convenient for hairdressers and stylists who can, during work, not let go of the comb from their hands throughout the day.
    Naturally, this smart technology can also be applied to combs of the “comb” type. Only such a smart comb will increase in size and everything. Such smart combs will be charged both according to the standard procedure and with the help of new wireless charging technology.
    The mobile application will be able to assess the condition of your hair with the help of special sensors that will be placed at the base of the bristles of the smart-comb, form the result and display it on the touch screen of the “INnovator” smart-comb. Remotely, your personal stylist-hairdresser, having access to your account in the smart-comb mobile application, will receive a report of such an analysis of your hair. Further, according to your and his decision, you will determine your respective further actions.
    The idea is open both for investment and for its full purchase.

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