• Smart cuff “Innovator”

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    During the time of progressive technologies, every seemingly imperceptible detail of our everyday life can acquire additional functions that we did not even think about before.


    In a new idea, the author proposes and shows the operation of a smart cuff, or “Innovator” smart cuff.
    The operation of this device, I am not afraid to say it, is that the cuff, which is an element of clothing, is worn on a regular cuff of clothing and can be adjusted according to the size of the wrist, can be applied to any type of outer light and outer warm clothing. Accordingly, a smart cuff made of flexible sensor material has a “chameleon” function, which means a color matching with the color of the clothes worn by the user of this device. But the main functions are that the cuff, which is controlled by a special mobile application, performs some functions of a smart watch. Namely, it can display information in the form of time, control of incoming calls, SMS, ambient temperature, etc. on the sensor surface of the cuff. Of course, this cuff needs to be recharged.
    That is, we have a smart cuff that can be worn with any type and color of clothing, control it with your gadget and use functions, sleep and similar smart devices, for example, a smart watch.


    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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