• Smart device “Mirror-hair dryer “Innovator””

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    All smart devices and applications are aimed at simplifying people’s lives, taking into account the change in many life positions and principles. Many devices never find their buyer or investor because of their undervaluation. The “Innovator” platform was created and aimed specifically at solving these problems. In this presentation, INnovator specialists reveal another original idea that serves to simplify the process of applying beauty using the INnovator mirror-hair dryer, which will be described below.
    So, the basis of the creation of this product is the combination of a hair dryer and a mirror in one smart device. Let’s begin to describe the principle of action in order.

    First of all, the device itself has the typical appearance and functions of a mirror of all shapes and sizes. Along the perimeter of the mirror plane, instead of or in place of the baguette frame, there are movable openings from which a flow of air emerges, which is pumped using a fan located on the back of the mirror. The block of holes for air supply itself has a movable structure, and the air supply is carried out according to the principle of supply, as in a hair dryer – that is, the air can be both hot and cold. But why this design is needed and how it will work will be presented below.
    Secondly, all these processes can be managed both manually and with the help of the mobile application of the same name. In the mobile application, you will need to set the necessary parameters in the form of obtaining the necessary result in the process of drying hair – after washing, after coloring or for the process of styling them. Then you will need to pair the mobile application with the “Innovator Mirror-Hair Dryer” smart device and give the command to start the necessary drying mode. The moving air supply units will produce the corresponding active air supply based on the given command and head position, as this smart device will include a video camera and speakers. These additional devices are necessary for remote consultation of the hair drying and styling process from the hairdresser to the client.

    That is, either at home or in a beauty salon, the user sits in front of a mirror-hair dryer, sets the necessary parameters in the mobile application or establishes a video connection with his hairdresser-stylist for consultation and correction of this process. After that, this smart device itself regulates and adjusts the supply of cold and hot air. The user only has to take a comb in his hand, or do not take anything at all, and do the process of drying or styling the hair. It will also be quite convenient to do styling for your client and the master hairdresser himself, so without holding an ordinary hair dryer in your hands, there will be more opportunities to dry and style your hair faster and more correctly. In manual mode, users simply turn on this device and perform the above actions.

    Also, such a mirror-hair dryer will be available in a portable miniature version, only the dimensions will be suitable for ease of use at home or on the road.


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