• Smart glasses or smile glasses “Innovator”

    SN: SU15112023642

    Price USD: $1600


    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    The idea is that the glasses will be able to use projection image technology to show on the front part of the lens information that the user of this device will be able to enter from his gadget.

    So, from the part and smile glasses “Innovator”, as already mentioned earlier, can transmit and show the mood of the user. According to the projection image technology, or displaying the image on the front part of the lens using the new technology of flexible screens, which will be superimposed on the main lens of the glasses with the front layer, information in the form of smiles, letters and text is displayed on the upper layer of the lens. Naturally, people who are nearby will clearly see the presented information. All the management of these processes will take place in a special mobile application, which will allow using the connection with smart glasses to direct the necessary information to the glasses’ screens. In turn, the user of this unique device will practically not see the information displayed on the glasses’ screens. This will allow him to see more clearly everything that is happening around him. All batteries, microprocessors and projection equipment are located in the upper frame of the frame or in the “bridge” of the glasses. In an additional configuration, the frame of the glasses can be of sufficient width, which will also allow placing a narrow and long screen of the appropriate size on the front part, for displaying various information.
    When driving a car or other moving machinery, it is recommended to turn off the main projection function to avoid accidents. Charging takes place according to the principle of charging all mobile devices and using wireless charging technology.

    Also, as a separate package, it is possible to purchase “mounted” equipment based on the given technology of INnovator smart glasses, which can be used with any other glasses.

    That is, we have a completely new device that can be called mood and information display glasses. New fashion accessory…


    The idea is open to both investment and its complete redemption.

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