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    The author of this innovative idea very subtly approached the issue of using a hair dryer in home and professional conditions in terms of combining some hairdressing processes. The combination is directly related to new technologies in the requirements of modern world standards.
    So, the process of drying hair is usually followed by the process of styling and fixing it with hairspray. An innovative approach to this process is the combination of drying and styling the hair with fixation with hairspray. That is, in the original “Innovator” smart hair dryer, special replaceable vacuum cans containing hairspray are built in to organize such a combination.

    In fact, it looks like this – the user of this smart hair dryer, both at home and in professional conditions, at the end of the hair drying process, if necessary, presses a separate special button, and hairspray is sprayed from the nozzle of the hair dryer. Also, in the innovative capabilities of this smart hair dryer, there will be a completely new function of automatic simultaneous combination of hair drying and hair fixation. That is, when the user of this device finishes drying his hair, he also receives their fixation after the end of this process. This feature will slightly increase the ways of styling the hair and the types of hairstyles.

    Another function will be available in the “Innovator” smart hair dryer – combining automatic and forced hair coloring with hair drying. Again, the smart hair dryer will be equipped with replaceable vacuum canisters with hair dyes of different colors. With the help of a special button that activates the spray function, hair dye will be sprayed from the nozzle of the hair dryer. And one more innovative service will be available – this is automatic mixing of hair colors as a result of their spraying from the nozzle of a smart hair dryer.
    All these processes of mixing paint, the time of spraying, the periodicity of this spraying are managed and adjusted by a special mobile application with the same name. The user will need to set the necessary parameters of the final result of using this smart device in the application, install vacuum cans of the required composition and simply turn on the smart hair dryer. At the end of the process, we will have a hairstyle with the appropriate fixation and the desired color.

    So, as they often say, everything ingenious is simple! So, in this presentation of the author’s idea of the “Innovator” smart hair dryer, we see a very simple combination of some functions in one device, which allows us to simplify the relevant processes and reduce the time of their implementation.


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