• Smart hammock “Innovator”

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    In this presentation, it will be shown that the means of active and passive recreation can be transformed from ordinary everyday things into smart devices. Smart opportunities are necessary for us, including during rest, because life and business processes do not stand still. This is how the author of this accessory argues his author’s idea.

    So, the idea is that an ordinary hammock is equipped with communication support technology, namely, a smart hammock control unit is placed at the head of the hammock for more convenient use. First of all, the unit has a number of standard functions similar to a regular gadget – receiving and transmitting information via 3-G, 4-G, WI-FI, Bluetooth; sending and receiving sound stream using speakers; built-in microphone and vibration module. That is, the user of this device can not take his wearable gadget with him, but fully use the functions of a smart hammock. It can accept incoming calls and make a weekend, listen to a sound stream or set an alarm. Vibro module is used for soundless user notification and incoming call or alarm activation. Also, the control unit, within its capabilities, can swing the hammock at a frequency set by the user. Of course, all these processes are controlled by the user using the mobile application of the same name.

    Also, the smart hammock can be equipped with flexible LED lighting, which, first of all, is convenient in the dark, and also aesthetically pleasing. The color and brightness of the backlight can also be adjusted by the user in the mobile application. There is also a function of heating the flexible fabric of the hammock, which can maintain a previously set temperature.

    Power supply is provided both with the help of rechargeable cells and with the help of a standard connection to the home or car network. The control unit can have a touch control panel of its front part, which facilitates its use.
    Another innovative component is that the flexible part of the hammock has the structure of an air mattress. That is, it can be inflated, which improves its characteristics in the direction of convenience and heat retention.
    At the end of the presentation, we can say that using the “Innovator” smart hammock, you will be able to afford to combine the standard properties of a regular hammock with smart capabilities, which we already have a hard time doing without. It also increases the comfort and convenience of use, extends the time of use, which causes an increase in popularization. As one investment advice from the author, that these smart hammocks can, in addition to benches and benches, be installed in parks and squares of cities, which will cause complaints about this product.

    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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