• Smart jewelry “Innovator”. Carnival smart mask “Innovator”

    SN: SU27102023626

    Price USD: $1000


    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    A rather futuristic author’s project that starts a new direction in the development of smart jewelry using flexible touch screens. Soon, the technology of flexible touch screens will enter our everyday life as a common household item not only on devices, but also in other fields of application.

    The carnival smart mask, which will be made of flexible touch surfaces, will be able to change the color gamut and reproduce the necessary information on its face. Direct connection with your gadget using the mobile application of the same name will allow you to change the information displayed on the touch surface of the smart mask according to the situational requirement. Charging can be performed both in a standard way and with the help of new wireless charging technology. The charge holder will be a flexible battery.

    It is quite convenient to use this device in conducting various creative events, in which the task of changing costumes and masks is simplified. Or simply in various festive events and parties, where a new type of entertainment and games will appear with changes in the appearance of carnival smart masks. As a separate function, video cameras will be mounted in the masks, which will increase their scope of application. Shows that will use smart device data will be much more colorful with the rapid increase in their popularity.


    This author’s idea is open as an investment, as well as its full redemption.

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