• Smart office chair “Innovator”

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    The idea is that an office or home chair, or even chairs to some extent, have a number of functions that will make their use more comfortable.
    The fact that we spend quite a lot of time in a sitting position when working in offices, and sometimes we forget about our health or other tasks that we need to complete. The “Innovator” smart office chair combines a large number of functions, which we will describe below.

    It goes without saying that the smart office chair will have massage, heating and cooling functions. But, with the help of a special mobile program, which is controlled by your gadget using a standard connection and will be freely available, it will be possible to program the massage function, and of course all the other described smart possibilities. Or with automatic settings, the smart chair determines exactly when and which function of the programmed massages to turn on. With the help of sensors that are mounted on the seat plane of the smart chair, it can measure the pulse of the user of this device, kat and a number of other characteristics. For example, blood pressure. All these data are transmitted to the gadget, and the program determines the state of health of a person in terms of measured data. Conclusions can be provided both to the user of the smart chair and directly to the personal doctor, who can remotely access the personal account of the user of this mobile application.

    One of the wide armrests is equipped with a touch panel, with the help of which, having a combination with your gadget or PC, you can control using all the functions of the mouse. The second touch armrest can be used to control the TV, air conditioner and other devices. The automatic rotating mechanism monitors the movements of its user with the help of built-in cameras of a circular view, which allows the same user to always be comfortably located in the chair, since they will always be turned in the direction from which the person wants to sit. The “stand-sit” function will very conveniently raise and lower the smart chair when its user wants to stand up or sit down, respectively. Built-in microphones make it possible to always conveniently conduct conversations both on a mobile phone and from other types of communication. Built-in climate control always maintains a comfortable surface temperature of the smart office chair.

    For gamers and professional programmers, the smart chair can be equipped with powerful surround sound speakers and a virtual reality headset as an additional function.
    That is, we have a chair that combines a number of functions.


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