• Smart shower system “Novator”

    SN: SU26062023519

    Price USD: $1000

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    The idea is that taking a shower is quite simplified with regard to the use of soap and hygiene products, shampoos.

    The novelty and innovation lies in the fact that the shower itself has the ability to pass through its nozzles at the right moment the necessary composition of soap or gel solution, shampoos of various types. The necessary liquids are poured into special tanks, from which under pressure and at a certain period, with a certain frequency, they (liquids) together with water flow through the nozzles to the person using the shower. The frequency of “release” of soap liquids and shampoos can be adjusted both manually and automatically. In more expensive models, a special program is used, which has a mobile application that is connected to the shower. This program determines the operating parameters of such a shower using the appropriate gadget. The user just needs to go to his soul and turn it on. The shower smart system “INNOVATOR” decides the rest for him. Also, as an additional option, an element that works according to the principle of a hair dryer can be installed in the shower head. It allows you to partially dry your hair and completely dry your body.

    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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