• Smart tambourine for the cap “Innovator”

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    Once again, the INnovator platform presents a presentation related to innovative wearable devices. Today’s presentation will describe a new carrier for smart devices, which will also be positioned and used as a removable device. The “Innovator” smart cap tambourine will have a sufficient number of smart capabilities that will complement those existing in other smart devices.
    So, they all represent the shape of a tambourine, which is an additional and stylish element in some types of hats. And according to the presentation presented by the author of this idea, it can become a smart accessory that will be applied to a wider range of types of hats. First of all, the smart tambourine will consist of LED elements that will be able to emit a color and light stream that the user will set at will. The setting of all parameters will be carried out using the mobile application of the same name, which will monitor and adjust all the described functional tasks. Drawing a conclusion on the first point, we can say that the smart tambourine, which will also be removable with the help of a clip or magnetic elements, changing its color options and the flow of light, will be able to be combined with any color of headdress and clothes worn on a person.
    Continuing the presentation, the next item will be a description of the main smart capabilities. The smart tambourine will be equipped with all-round cameras. With this placement of the cameras, it is very convenient to take a selfie, record the surrounding environment in the form of three-dimensional video recording. Vibro module will allow this gadget to notify its user about incoming calls or messages. The built-in microphone and speaker will perform their direct functions – as a function of talking on a speakerphone and playing a sound stream. The connection with your gadget will be using standard technological capabilities. The functionality of the mobile application will also include the transfer of a number of features from the gadget, such as determining the ambient temperature and humidity, a pedometer, an innovative feature in the form of a counter of head turns and the number of inhalations and exhalations, which has not yet been used anywhere and has its own perspective of application in other gadgets .
    A battery element that allows you to keep charging for a long time, as well as the entire set of sensors and microcircuits, will be placed inside the smart-bubo very simply. Additional features include water resistance and shock resistance. Charging will be done in a standard way, or through a new method of wireless power.
    So, following the permissible norms in the amount of presented material, the moderators of the “Innovator” platform, based on the information presented, conclude that a new, innovative, wearable and even removable smart device has appeared, which is equipped with some innovative capabilities. It will allow you to combine and supplement some of the functionality of existing smart devices and gadgets.


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