• Smart turban “Innovator”

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    This author’s idea was moderated on the “Innovator” platform, as it has a fairly high level of awareness and prospects for increasing popularization. The “Innovator” smart turban or smart turban will complement and combine existing smart devices, which will be described below.
    So, of course, this is a rather specific headdress of the inhabitants of the eastern regions, India and Africa. But with the following new features, people’s use of this smart product will only grow. First of all, adjustment and control of all working processes of the smart turban will be the mobile application of the same name. Connecting a smart turban to a user’s gadget will be a standard method.
    The smart turban will be made in a regular and standard appearance, but LED elements will be placed in the material, which will allow, with the help of a mobile application, to change the color depending on the need. That is, illumination with LED elements will allow you to expand the options for the appearance of the smart turban both in manual and automatic mode. The automatic mode will respond to the temperature of the environment and the day.
    As standard, and at the same time, the main function of the smart helmet will work for receiving and transmitting phone calls. That is, a vibration module, speakers and a microphone will be built into the lower part of the smart turban. Also, this smart product in the mode of receiving and transmitting a phone call will also respond to the movement of the head in the form of nods. For example, when there is an incoming call, the user will feel vibrations or hear a ringtone. With a nod of the head, he will be able to activate the function of answering the incoming call of his gadget. With the same movement, he will be able to interrupt a phone call. The built-in video camera will perform standard functions, including selfie capabilities.
    The most innovative possibility of a smart turban will be to change its shape and size. This will be possible through built-in compact vacuum chambers, into which air will be pumped using a built-in miniature compressor. Again, this will all be implemented in conjunction with the smart turban mobile application. A head heating or cooling function may be available. As a separate configuration, the smart turban can be equipped with flexible touch screens, which will allow you to display the desired information on its front part along the entire perimeter. The standard functions of the alarm clock or built-in flashlight will be set by default. Charging will take place both in a standard way and with the help of new wireless charging technology.
    So, based on this presentation of the Innovator platform, we have another smart device that will both complement and introduce innovative features for users with the Innovator smart turban.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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