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    Progress does not stand still..! This long-known phrase has been familiar to us since childhood. Especially today’s situation in the world of new technologies and information innovations. Sometimes we get confused, where and how to get this or that information, or find people for business or personal communication. Probably, the priority function is now played by social networks. Below we will present a new, innovative social network of a fan character “MEGA”.
    The effect of the fan character can be shown by an example of the functions of the simplest fan – it drives air from side to side with the efforts of the person who uses it. The main function of the social fan network “MEGA” will be, first of all, the opportunity to create your own page on this platform, which is familiar to everyone. Only it is called here, it will be BLOCK. The BLOCK of the registered user of the fan network “MEGA” will have the main function of its purpose – it is the fan character of its work to post its content in various social networks. That is, the user registers his created pages, which already exist in various social networks, in his BLOCK of the “MEGA” fan network and opens them for instant distribution and filling. And all the information that you will post in BLOKE will be posted on all your pages in social networks. And, accordingly, vice versa – all actions that take place on your pages in social networks will be automatically displayed in the “MEGA” BLOCK network. On the basis of this brief information, it is possible to draw conclusions that all social and commercial information of a single user will be concentrated in one place.
    Yes, this is a completely new type of work and functionality in the use and application of social networks. Of course, the task is not to reduce the importance of other social networks and their leveling, but on the contrary – the more registered pages in the user’s BLOCK, the more his communication and knowledge of what is happening around him will be increased.
    Very briefly, we described all the functionality of the social fan network “MEGA”. Naturally, its full form is with the author and founder of this idea.
    The idea is open both for investment and for its full purchase.

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