• Social network of gestures “INNOVATOR”

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    Today’s presentation of the author’s idea of a social network of gestures is quite specific and unusual in the field of social communication. And as a note to potential investors, gesture control technology will have a large social and commercial role in the future. Large corporations, such as Microsoft, take the prospects of this direction quite seriously. And therefore, the social network of gestures also has a serious prospect of popularization and development.
    The functionality of the social network of gestures “INnovator” has a very large range of work processes available to users. Let’s name some:
    – there are no letters and numbers in the communication window between users. They are replaced by hand gestures and facial expressions, which in a special table have a simultaneous or regular translation in different languages. In the end, in the feed of individual correspondence, only a set of appropriate gestures can be observed, which will be read by any person of any nationality and with any knowledge of the language.
    – registration takes place in standard actions – gender, time of birth, e-mail, if desired – a personal photo;
    – the news feed, if desired by the user, can be shown both in sign language and in the usual letter and number version;
    – it is possible to insert real photos and videos of people’s gestures and emotions into the correspondence feed, which allows you to communicate more colorfully;
    – in good lighting, there is a function, in online mode, to communicate using sign language. This will be quite unusual and quite interesting for an ordinary user of standard social networks. Also, with the help of sign languages, it will be possible to use all the functionality of this startup without touching the screen of your gadget. Again, this function is quite innovative and will be quite interesting;
    – a social role is played by the association of deaf-mute people. This network will be very convenient and easy to use for them. But gestures in this social network will be different. So the deaf and dumb will have to teach them. But having a lot of experience in such communication, such people will learn and understand the work of this startup quite quickly;
    – a special, yet interactive, gesture keyboard appears in the structure of the social network of gestures;
    – the login code to the personal account will consist of the user’s secret gesture.
    The author provided some points of the functionality and structure of the social network of gestures. Further, the “Innovator” platform can provide potential investors with partnership relations for possible investment or full purchase of this author’s idea.

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