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    In today’s presentation, the “INnovator” platform presents one of the components of the “INnovator” business model – the “INnovator” social crowdfunding syndicate. Again, the platform administration warns that similar social projects exist. But they have nothing in common in functional work. All this will be clear in the presentation that will be presented below.
    The amount of time we spend on social media and the number of people involved is growing every day. This is an unconditional fact, and this suggests that their popularity and investment attractiveness will be of interest to both users of these networks and their creative investors.
    The INNOVATOR social crowdfunding syndicate carries the idea of enthusiasm for that part of the population that is used to thinking and analyzing its actions, that has no age restrictions, that boldly shows its ambitious ideas and is not afraid of responsibility for their implementation, that easily and simply finds social connections ties and strengthens relationships in a slightly different way – through smart thoughts and correct decisions. It’s just a syndicate of “smart people”!
    If we specify the functionality of the social crowdfunding syndicate, it has a very deep and serious meaning and solves a new problem related to the organization of all crowdfunding work. Anyone who has encountered crowdfunding can clearly characterize it as a promising and social way of promoting and implementing their projects. But not everyone can start promoting their ideas due to indecision or inexperience to get involved in this exciting and interesting process. There is also a problem when the legislation of some countries is not yet ready for the development of the economic sector. Financial and organizational issues almost always arise during the crowdfunding process.
    Yes, it is practically an analogue of a social network, but a social crowdfunding syndicate differs in that it is the first step before its users enter crowdfunding platforms with their ideas and projects. The user, upon completing the original and simple registration, creating his account, will enter the world of innovative social communication. The formation and appearance of his room of ideas and inventions (this is the original name of a regular social page) is done by the registered user himself. There are no clear rules for this. It’s like decorating your personal room in a big house. The house is one, in which there are many rooms and all of them are different. From the appearance and fullness of your room of ideas and inventions, you can understand some character traits and the essence of a person, his perspectives and exemplary plans.
    Perhaps he, the user, will find like-minded people with similar ideas here. And then it will be easier for them to promote their ideas as part of a new team with new opportunities. Maybe he, the user, will virtually meet his right “half”, with whom he will immediately match and like not external data, but mental and ideological interests. Maybe he, the user, will give up his ideas and start helping other similar members of this syndicate, because he considers the new conceptual project to be more promising, etc.
    As previously written, the INnovator social crowdfunding syndicate is an integral part of the INnovator business model. And all these stages from the birth of an idea, its discussion, its publication and implementation are clearly written and shown. The market of ideas is currently quite underdeveloped and has good prospects for growth and development. And this startup will show potential investors, at the initial stage of the disclosure of this or that idea, its growth prospects or lack of any prospects.
    That is, the user of this syndicate, already having a certain rating and a certain recognition of his idea, can correctly orient himself in further prospects by entering crowdfunding platforms with his project.
    The idea is primarily open for joint development and investment with other social networks, as well as for its full buyout.

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