• Special headdress “Innovator”

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    This idea was controversial as to whether it can be published among our moderators… But we dared to publish it!
    The idea is to improve the already difficult work of policemen, maybe firefighters, maybe even medics or, let’s say, gas service workers. The meaning of the device itself, I am not afraid to call this idea, that it has built-in miniature flashing beacons, which in emergency situations work together with the same flashing car beacons. Only on the head of the employee of special and emergency services, these light signal lamps will be more visible and accessible to everyone around, as they will differ in their mobility. Lighting devices will harmonize with the shape and size of the headdress, and will be sewn into its very “top”. It is turned on by means of a special button, synchronization with a car device of this kind, by means of synchronization with the corresponding dispatch service. Several cameras for circular video and audio recording will also be sewn into the “Innovator” headgear, which in on-line mode transmits everything that happens with the function of audio feedback.


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