• Spray toothpaste “Innovator”

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    The idea is to combine the functions of toothpaste, mouthwash and mouth freshener in one product. But the main functional innovation will be an aerosol package (balloon), which will allow you to use the innovative toothpaste with great comfort and without a toothbrush.
    So, aerosol toothpaste will not differ in its main composition from all ordinary toothpastes. By the way, this presentation does not offer a new toothpaste with its original composition. The most innovative and patented technology in the production of toothpastes for existing brands is offered. An aerosol can of standard permissible sizes contains a foam composition of the appropriate classification. In this case, it is a toothpaste that does not differ in its composition from the usual one, only it has a different visual state and composition due to the technology of aerosol spraying. Accordingly, the methods of its application also change. The main innovative method of application is the use without a toothbrush. The user inserts the nozzle of the spray cap into the oral cavity and presses on the cap of the spray toothpaste. The aerosol composition of the spray toothpaste fills the oral cavity very easily and pleasantly. It will also be very convenient to rinse the oral cavity with this aerosol mixture, which will allow you to clean, rinse and refresh it all in one action. Now it is possible to imagine that such an innovative brushing of the teeth can be applicable and available in a greater number of cases, because its use will be available without a toothbrush and in any sanitary unit without much effort. He sprayed the dental aerosol composition, rinsed and spat it out. The teeth were cleaned and the mouth smelled fresh.
    A great convenience will also be the fact that it will be possible to use this hygienic product in any conditions – both at home and when traveling or in nature. Aerosol cans of different capacities will be comfortable to use and store also in any conditions. That is, small aerosol cans with spray toothpaste can be carried in an ordinary business clutch or a small women’s purse.
    Manufacturers of toothpaste will be quite interested in using this technology in their production, because its use will only grow due to the increase in the frequency of users of such innovative tooth brushing.
    So, we have a revolutionary personal hygiene product that allows you to combine and simplify the process of brushing your teeth, which, in turn, will increase the health of the oral cavity.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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