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    Moderation of the “Innovator” platform considers this idea as a very promising project, which will be accepted by people very quickly and will become indispensable in people’s everyday life. In some cases, we cannot do without ordinary wipes, and with the start of using “Innovator” spray wipes, their use will increase, as the convenience of their use will increase, which will be described below.
    So, the “Innovator” platform already has a whole series of spray food products. For hygienic use, this is the first project, which causes the development of this direction as well.
    “INNOVATOR” spray wipe is a regular aerosol can containing a suitable foam-like mass. When you press the head of the canister, a foamy mass comes out of the nozzle, which, when exposed to air, immediately hardens and turns into a soft and elastic mass that resembles plasticine and does not stick to the surfaces used, starting from human skin and other more any or solid living things. and non-living nature. The user, very simply, will be able to roll out the resulting mass with his hands, let its foamy stream into hard-to-reach places, and also easily remove or remove it. This mixture will very easily leave all dirt and dust, all unnecessary small particles in its structure after use. The author of this idea promises to provide the composition of the foam napkin in full accordance with modern hygienic requirements.
    Also, in addition to the development of this project, the “Innovator” spray wipe will have an unlimited number of scents and flowers. There will be different volumes of spray cans, for their more convenient use. As an innovation, it will now be affordable and convenient to use this hygiene product in those places where it is quite cold and frosty, as the spray wipe will not freeze and will have a disinfection effect.
    At the end of the presentation, we can say that this is a completely new type of product that has no analogues. The use of this hygienic type of product simplifies the use of napkins both at home and in other places – on the road, in nature, in public catering establishments.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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