• Startup exchange and rental incubator “Innovator”

    SN: SU03012024683

    Price USD: $4500



    This startup is a component of the unique business model “Innovator”!

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    A rather original and innovative startup that opens a completely new global approach to solving the issues of rapid promotion of startups, solving controversial situations related to copyright, joining efforts of startups and investors.
    So, the INnovator startup exchange incubator will, first of all, serve for the exchange of startups at different levels of development. This service can be used to give startups who can show themselves in other industries based on their capabilities, because their current startup is not giving the effect that was expected from it. That is, any startup, realizing the limitations of his capabilities or knowledge in promoting this or that startup, but does not want to close it, submits an original application to the exchange and waits for the result. Based on the results of the application, both recommended exchange options from the exchange itself and direct offers from the same startups will be received.

    In this process, another result may arise – with such an exchange, in the startup exchange incubator, there will be a function of combining efforts and opportunities. That is, a startup in the exchange process may not have an exchange startup, but a partner who will help him continue to promote his startup. More often than not, the right partner is lacking, who will be able to provide his opportunities for project promotion.

    It is also often possible to observe controversial and legal processes in which startups prove their copyrights, referring to their rightness and originality of this or that project. This exchange will analyze existing projects and warn in advance about existing similar options. Accordingly, in the form of a recommendation, there will be an opportunity to register your new startup free of charge. This will avoid further controversial issues. Well, if such a controversial process has already begun, then in the functionality of the startup exchange incubator, there will be an alternative in the exchange, joining of efforts, or third-party buyout of this controversial startup.

    Of course, all issues related to the legal support of such agreements are taken over by the incubator, adhering to the legislation of those countries where the process of exchange or sale of the startup will take place. Also, in additional opportunities, startup entrepreneurs will be offered to rent out their startup or take another one, which in their opinion is more interesting and promising.
    That is, the startups in this presentation become a subject of exchange, a subject of rent and a joint effort, which will increase the number of implemented projects and increase partnership relations at the global level.


    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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