• The “International Exchange of Ideas” was created for free certification of ideas in any field

    Our partnership is happy to announce about the creation of the International Exchange of Ideas – a new tool for certification and cost-free certification on the idea of ​​be-like a gallery, regardless of how much name smells you can get. The Exchange of Ideas was created to help creative people and innovators who work on new projects, giving them the opportunity to continue their development and successful implementation.

    To get a certificate for an idea, it is necessary to register on the website of the Exchange of Ideas and submit an application, in which it is necessary to describe the idea and designate a blind, until it lies. Our professionals have chosen and re-verified all the submitted ideas, after which they will stink and take away the cost-free certificate.

    Information about the certification of ideas will be posted on the website of the Exchange of Ideas in order to provide more clarity and clarity to the certification process. Authors of certified ideas can win their own certificate to ensure the respect of investors, get new partners and expand their opportunities for development.