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    The author of a series of mobile game scanning programs has added another idea as part of this project. Taking into account the increasing popularization of this direction, the moderation of the “Innovator” platform is pleased to present this startup. Moreover, the presented project also has no analogues in its functionality and can be used by users all over the world, which will be described below.
    So, the principle and functionality of game scanning mobile applications consists in combining scanning, using photo and video shooting, with a game effect. There are about ten different ones in the list of already existing startups of this topic. The new startup will scan the voice and intonation of its user’s voice. That’s what it’s called – the INNOVATOR voice recognition application.

    The main and priority result of the mobile application will be the determination of the user’s individual voice expression and its intonation. All this will be determined in the case when the user installs this application on his gadget and gives access to his voice broadcast. The feature will scan the speech and intonation of its user and enter it into its database. Next, when the relevant information is scanned and entered into the database, then the voice recognition application will provide its user with a list of other users whose voice and intonation completely or partially match their voice data. That is, the user in the provided list will be able to see people who are similar to him in terms of their voice or intonation, and if desired, communicate with them, since new users will specify their contact details during registration. And accordingly, the more registered users there are in this application, the more similarities there will be in voice and intonation. And there will be more opportunities to increase the list of acquaintances according to this innovative principle.

    Additional features of this program will include geolocation of users with similar voice characteristics with the ability to build a corresponding map. Also, the program will determine by voice users who are not included in the contact data, but are in the database of the “Innovator” voice identification program.
    So, we have another innovative startup, which in its functionality has included new opportunities for both new and existing users. This principle of operation can also be applied to mobile and Internet communication networks.


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