• The Innovator series of game scanning mobile applications. Sensor accounting application “Innovator”

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    This sensor accounting program is, to some extent, similar to a series of mobile game scanning programs. That is why it is published as part of this topic. And this author’s series of game scanning ideas begins to enjoy great interest among future users, which is what causes its development.

    So, we all know very well or use an application to count the number of steps taken during the reporting period. The statistics that are displayed on the screens of our gadgets allow us to evaluate our efforts during the reporting period and use this data for personal purposes. Game scanning is aimed at the game and entertainment component of using these applications. The touch accounting application also shows statistics at the end of the reporting period, only as the number of touches to the screen of your gadget. That is, the user who downloaded this program has the opportunity to evaluate and see his activity during the reporting period, compare it with other reporting periods, receive recommendations of this program on using the relevant programs of your gadget, referring to the received data of previously used applications.

    It is possible, with paid versions of the sensor accounting program, to get statistics on the use of individual programs that are your gadget in terms of the number of active actions on the gadget screen. Also, given that this is a game scan, you can get from the functional system of this startup a video sketch of using the gadget’s screen in an animated style. Or artistic slides of touches to your gadget screen, according to a pre-allocated hour of using the gadget screen, which can be shared on social networks. The color scheme and design style of these graphic and animation data is selected separately.
    That is, without exaggeration, the administration of the INnovator platform can conclude that this kind of mobile entertainment does not exist! The usage statistics of the touch scanning mobile application can be turned into a certain gaming tournament, the results of which can be shared among your friends. Animation and artistic materials from the work of this mobile application are quite possible to be used as a separate entertainment, which can also be attributed to a new and innovative direction.


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