• The Innovator series of game scanning mobile applications. Start-up “ALKOSkan”

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    Another conceptual work of the author of innovative startups from the series of game scanning mobile applications “Innovator”. This presentation will present a game scan of a rather pleasant pastime of its users, namely on the alcohol theme, which is popular nowadays.
    The start-up “ALKOSkan” from the series of game scanning mobile applications “INNOVATOR” in its main direction will show the narrowly focused information chosen by its user in the form of the process of passing entertainment events and its location, participants of these events who are already in a state of alcohol intoxication, photos and videos recording of the use of alcoholic and low-alcohol drinks by these participants, as well as the results after the end of the process of such recreational alcoholic events.
    We can say that this startup does not provide anything new yet. Most users do this when they keep a photo report of such events. But the main functionality will be a little lower, especially since this is a game scanning application!
    So, when the user of this innovative startup starts taking photo and video recording of the entertainment event process, the startup starts archiving these photo and video materials in its memory. That is, taking into account the fact that the user himself will be in the same state as his company, all these shooting materials will not be shown at once. They will be archived, as mentioned earlier, and are available for display and playback only after a period set in advance in the settings of this program. For example, in 5-6 hours. During this time, the startup “ALKOSkan” will form the filmed materials into groups according to the faces of the participants before and after the event, according to the results of the event and the end of the event.
    How it will happen is based on a general example – during the event, the user takes photos and videos from the beginning to the end of the event. He doesn’t see what he has captured, because the program archives it all for internal processing, or should we say, for internal scanning. In the morning, this user will have access to all these photo and video materials, which will already be scanned and sorted into groups by appearance and persons. With the general viewing function enabled, it is possible that any user who participated in this entertainment event will then come in and look at himself and his company with a now sober view, only in a predominantly recreational and alcoholic state.
    The best materials on this topic, since this is a game scan, can be presented in a publicly accessible rating.
    That is, we have an application that will first hide, and then show us in a scanned form at a time when we could not exactly assess our actions, namely, in a state of alcohol intoxication. This is the main gaming and entertainment functionality of the ALKOSkan startup.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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